School Uniform

The uniform is compulsory on all class days and at school functions. Students must come to school clean and tidy.

Punctuality and Attendance

Students must be punctual for class on every working day. Late comers should get the permission of the Principal before entering the class. No student may absent himself/herself without obtaining leave previously. No absentee should enter the class without the written permission of the Principal or the Vice Principal.

A student absenting himself/herself from school for 5 days in succession without permission will be marked as “LEFT”. He will not be readmitted as a matter of course. If he is to be readmitted he will have to pay a fresh admission fee of Rs. 500/-

The Application for leave must be given in advance. When for unforeseen reasons, if one is absent, the application for leave should be submitted on the day of rejoining the School.

If the leave is asked on account of illness for more than FIVE DAYS, a medical certificate must be attached to the application.

Attendance at official school functions like Parents Day, Sports Day Independence Day, Reopening Day, etc. is compulsory. Absentees may be (fined) penalized.

A student absenting himself/herself without prior written permission from School Day, Parents’ Day, Annual Sports Day and Reopening Day is liable to lose his place. If he is re-admitted, he will have to pay a fresh admission fee of Rs. 500/- (with a fine of Rs. 25/- for each day of absence).

Home Work

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking a daily interest in the progress of their children. They should check the diary for any remarks and note the homework given.

Midterm Tests

Midterm Tests will be conducted in the months of July, November, and February and the results will be made known.


Without grave reasons no one should be absent from writing any test or examination. Parents must examine the progress report carefully and help the children to concentrate more on the subjects in which they are weak. Parents must meet the class teachers on the allotted days.

School Fees

    • All fees should be paid before reopening of the school. It is only Annual Fees and not a term or tuition fees.
    • If fees are not paid on the day specified, a fine of Rs. 25/- would be charged per day as penalty.
    • A pupil joining or leaving school during the year needs to pay fees for the whole year.
    • Pupils who have not paid the fees will not be permitted to write the exams.
    • All fees are to be paid into “The South Indian Bank, Katpadi Road, Vellore – 04″ on the dates specified.


All matters regarding the promotion of the students are left to the discretion of the Principal whose decision will be final. If a student is detained twice in the same standard he / she will be issued TC.

No pupil who has failed for two years in succession will be kept in school.

Reopening Day

Parents are expected to meet the class teacher on the class reopening day after every midterm Tests and terminal examination when progress report will be handed over.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for their own books, Pens, Tiffin carriers, etc.

Parents who seek some information or make some suggestions must approach the Principal.

The entrusting of a student to the school implies that the parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations and decisions of the school.


Irregular attendance, Habitual idleness, Negligence of homework, Disobedience, and Disrespect towards members of the staff, or Bad moral influence justify dismissal. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.

Protection of the School Property

It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, desks, etc. throw paper and sprinkle ink in the classroom, and  damage the school property. The students will be fined at the discretion of the principal if any damage is done.

School Hand Book / Students Help Book

The school hand book and students help book are the records concerning the school and student. Therefore, every student must bring the diary to school daily. If any one loses either of them , or doesn’t bring them, he or she will be fined for the same.

Rule of Language

      • The medium of instruction is English, which alone should be used at all-time in the school premises.
      • The second language taught is Tamil / Hindi
      • Speaking in English is compulsory in the school. Defaulters will be penalized.

School Hours

08:30 A.M. to 08:45 A.M. Reading Practice
08:50 A.M. to 04:00 P.M. School Hours
04:00 P.M. to 05:00 P.M. Sports / Special Classes

Visiting Hours : Parents / Well Wishers

Forenoon : 09:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Afternoon : 02:30 P.M. to 04:00 P.M.

Concerning Defaulters

The School accepts no responsibility in the student is obliged to return home during class hours, for not wearing school uniform, for not bringing handbook, books, and notebooks to class, for not producing the signature of parents on the remarks written by teachers or on the absence record in the calendar, for the reason of indiscipline and for repeated late coming.


Students who absent themselves from an examination without grave reasons will be considered as having failed. The marks obtained in the Midterm tests, Quarterly examination, Half-yearly examination, and Annual Examination will be considered for promotion.

Private Tuition

      • If a parent desires to arrange private tuition by any teacher of the school, he must get the written permission of the principal.
      • No pupil may take tuition from a teacher of the school outside the school premises.
      • No new tuition would be allowed after January.

House System: Objectives

To promote competition and healthy rivalry among students in all the activities of the school, and foster such qualities of loyalty and leadership.


Library Timings:

Monday to Friday : 09:00 A.M. to  04:30 P.M.

Saturday : 09:00 A.M. to  12:30 P.M.

Library Cards

      • ID card is compulsory for entering into the library.
      • Every student enrolled in school should have a library card. Books will be issued or renewed only if the student produces the ID card.
      • Each student will get one general library card.
      • Library cards are NONTRANSFERABLE.


      • Complete silence shall be observed in the library.
      • No member shall carry any CD’s, pen drive, any book or periodicals into the library.
      • Books must not be marked or defaced. The pages should not be earmarked. Students should examine each book before borrowing it and report to the librarian if any damage found. When the students fail to do so they will be held responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book.
      • Periodicals placed on the magazine racks should not be mishandled. They should be replaced on the racks after use.
      • Staff and students bare the cost of the damaged book or computer in the library.
      • If a student fails to return the library book on the due date a fine of Rs. 5/-  will be collected per day for a book.
      • If the due date happens to be a holiday, the book shall be returned on the next working day.
      • Date labels shall not be tampered with.
      • All books and library cards shall be returned at the end of the academic year on the date specified by the librarian. Library books will not be lent to either students or staff during the annual vacation.
      • Signing in the register at the library entrance is compulsory for staff and students.


Monday to Friday : 09:00 A.M. to 05:30 P.M.

Saturday : 09:30 A.M. to 01:00 P.M.


    • It is an additional feature to the school and hence it shall be used to improve the spoken language of the students.
    • Complete silence shall be observed in the language lab.
    • No member is allowed to carry any CD’s, pen drive or any material into the lab.
    • Students can enter into the lab only during their allotted period time.
    • Any damage caused to the lab shall be borne by the concerned student.