Don Bosco Matriculation Hr. Sec. School is a minority school primarily to promote education of Catholics, but members of other communities are also admitted without reference to caste and creed and their rights of conscience are respected. True to the vision of its founder Don Bosco, the school commits itself to serve the economically weak, socially backward and needy students. It is run according to the principles of their saintly founder Don Bosco and aims of developing the character and personality of each student’s imparting sound education, according to the preventive system of Don Bosco through Reason, Religion, and Loving kindness. Christian Doctrine to Catholics and Moral instruction to Non-Catholics form an important part in the character formation of the students.

The Emblem

The school emblem has a lighted kuthuvillakku in the center, having a cross at the top. Lighted Kuthuvillakku represents God and the Cross stands for Christ, who redeemed the mankind by dying on the Cross. On either side of the Kuthuvillakku are placed woods, a book, a star, and two hockey sticks with a ball. The woods represent our founder St. John Bosco. The book shows that this Institution is meant for learning, the star denotes that this school is a guide leading the students towards a goal. It also represents the morning star, the symbol of our Lady, Mary Help of Christians who was the guide and support to St. John Bosco in all his marvelous activities. The hockey sticks and ball represent the importance given to sports and extracurricular activities in this institution.